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Tokio International

Tokio International Inc. 

We suggest a better lifestyle to lead a healthy life and improve the quality of life


Pursuit of health and beauty 

Tokio International Co., Ltd. not only trades tuna and food ingredients but also we would like to promote Korean beauty products to the world. 

Poseidon Group is eager to grow into a K-Beauty & Food company that strives to form a healthy lifestyle through the sales of each branches in the US and Japan

We challenge to ourselves.

Healthy ingredients and K-Beauty products 

With the belief to present beauty, we research on excellent products based on strict quality management 

We would like to be a group that promotes Korean healthy ingredients and beauty to the world

Our Business




Poseidon Group Network

Premier Wagyu & Seafood London Ltd., London, UK

Tokio International Co., Ltd.,
Seoul, South Korea

Kaijin Trading Co., Ltd.,
Tokyo, Japan 

Nichiryo Foods Pte. Ltd.,

Tokio Japan Co., Ltd.,

Tokyo, Japan

Poseidon Group International, Inc.,
Los Angeles, USA

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